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Estonian Traders Association

Eesti Kaupmeeste Liit (Estonian Traders’ Association) is a non-profit voluntary organisation. The Traders’ Association  was established in April 1996 to bring together retailers with common interests, to solve different problems and represent members in various institutions in Estonia and abroad. The association has 61 members – retail and wholesale enterprises.

The main tasks of the association are representing  the common interests of the members and sector  vis a vis government institutions, promoting fair and balanced trade traditions and establishing contacts with other associations in Estonia and abroad. The Estonian Traders’ Association is a member of the Estonian Confederation of Employers (Eesti Tööandjate Keskliit) and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce (Eesti Kaubandus-Tööstuskoda).

Our main activities are:

  • participating in the legislative processes in Estonia, in what concerns the retail sector;
  • promoting ethical trade and best practises in the sector;
  • co-operating with local government to obstruct illegal trade;
  • participating in Estonian vocational education structures to improve the training of workers in the sector, with focus on salespeople
  • organising training courses for members;
  • aggregating data about the sector, providing relevant statistics, legal information and other relevant consultation to members

The Association’s general meetings for all members are held twice a year. The members of the Board are elected at General meetings for a term of 2 years. The Board meets every month.
The activities of the association are guided by the goal of representing and safeguarding the common interests of its members and the values agreed upon in our Charter.


Raul Puusepp
Chairman of the Board

Nele Peil
Managing Director